Video: ‘God is my witness!’ Girl stabs boyfriend in the middle of the street

A woman reportedly stabbed her boyfriend in the middle of the street and was filmed begging her boyfriend not to die, as he lay bleeding

A row broke out between the couple outside the Hotel La Cascada in Mexico, but it turned violent and Erick Omar ended up with a deep knife wound.

In the video filmed by an eyewitness, Erick is seen kneeling on the ground while holding his stomach as his girlfriend Sonia Amayrani Nunez Aguila, hugs and kisses him.

Sonia, 22, could be heard saying on the video: “He hit me. He tried to kill me,” before turning to Erick and demanding: “Tell them the truth.”

At one point the desperate woman screams: “Forgive me my love, please don’t die.”

As the 29-year-old struggles to hold on, he counters her accusation and asks for help while telling the bystanders “she wants to kill me”.

The distraught woman replies: “I am not going to kill you because I love you. I’d never do that to you, but you have no idea what you did to me, OK.”

The man replied: “‘God is really a witness.”

According to local media, a police patrol car arrived, but the officers refused to take the victim to the hospital because they did not have enough petrol.

An ambulance was called, arriving more than an hour later, before transferring the injured man to hospital.

Reports said that Erick is out of danger following emergency surgery.

His girlfriend has been arrested and placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor’s office.

The motive for the attack is not yet known as police in the city of Iguala investigate the alleged stabbing.

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