This Is How Much Kim Kardashian Paid To Have Chicago

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West , paid quit a sum of money for the new addition in their family. It surely would cost more than an arm and a leg, I mean, they are getting the whole body not just the arm and the leg.

Kim considered surrogacy after she was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening placenta accreta.

This is when the placenta grows too deeply in the uterus and cause irreparable damage, so the Kardashian West’s have gone down the surrogacy route with their fourth child due to arrive in May.

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It is going to cost a pretty penny too, if the real costs for the surrogacy are in line with how much was paid for the safe arrival of Chicago West, just over a year ago.

Back then, a payment plan was in place and extra fees built in, just in case there were twins or even triplets.

That time, Kim used an agency to find the perfect surrogate and they paid $68,850 (Ksh 6,894,639) for the privilege of them finding the right carrier for their baby.

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This time around though, it is believed that Kim sought out a surrogate mother herself, so she may have saved themselves a hefty fee to start with.

The surrogate herself received $45,000 (Ksh 4,506,300) in total, which was paid in 10 $4,500 (Ksh 450,630) monthly installments.

There were additional fees made available in case it turned out to be twins or even triplets, with $5,000 (Ksh 500,700) agreed to cover this extra cost.

In case there was complications, Kimye had $4,000 (Ksh 400,560) available for the surrogate, if she lost any reproductive organs as a result of her pregnancy.

The cost of surrogacy has been revealed (Image: Instagram)

Thankfully, last time around, none of these additional costs were required to be implemented but for the money, there were a number of conditions that the surrogate had to abide by.

The deal set out that the surrogate was not allowed to use drugs, drink alcohol or smoke, go in hot tubs or saunas, apply hair dye, drink more than one caffeinated drink per day, eat raw fish or handle or change cat litter.

That was not all either, as the surrogate was banned from having sex for three weeks, after the embryo was implanted.

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