Lillian Muli’s photo with Joho stirs social media

Citizen TV news anchor, Lillian Muli, has been the talk on social media after she shared a photo of her with Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. Her fans were quick to react as others concluded that she has replaced Betty Kyallo as Joho’s lady.

Here are some of the reactions;
alicialydia: El Chapo joho who doesn’t know the story behind his success.. find me and ask me the story of my poverty.. useless journalism
kyalos kim: Hata wewe+ Betty

nyambura nguru : I feel like I should give some piece of advice, should I should I not, well here goes… Please feature genuinely successful people in your show. Politicians… Well we all know where they get their wealth and we are still hurting knowing that we as Kenyans are the ones to pay for their so called ‘success’. Well I presume you want to inspire someone out their with this show, please feature GENUINE Kenyans out there doing GENUINE things to get GENUINE success

mumbi: Mueke youtube tutakuwa na betty
healthy poulus: word!!!!u wonder she couldn’t have gotten someone else whose true success story is legit …these politicians suck
theignatiusdru: Sio kanze sio lilmuli kwani huyu joho ni female reporters pekee wana interview????

danielmosih: Wah! Joho umechukua madem wetu wakamba wote.tutaambia watu nini? marycgatwiri: Unachotafuta utapata tu!
mayiekadennis:Mmmh where did you get him?
shabbah tha bronze: Joho umesema uhami ukambani chunga usiitwe community husband😂😂😂
collinceodeya: Uliza Betty Kyallo Venye huyo msee hufanya madem wakikamba.

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