Drama Festivals heat up with new faces

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One of the most fond memories of High School is the most acclaimed Drama Festival.

The Drama Festivals 2019 are here, and the competition is undoubtedly heating up.

The Nairobi regional competitions for the Drama Festivals saw the creme del a creme of Nairobi’s high schools battle it out, to move on to the national competitions.

Sunshine Secondary School played hosts to the prestigious competition where Precious Blood, Jamuhuri High, St. Georges, and even Lenana School were in attendance to secure their spot in the coveted national finals.

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With a little bit of school rivalry and lots of talent, the students performed a selection of plays, chorale verses, creative dramas and even a variety of cultural dances.

The anticipation was palpable as students in the crowd waited to learn who would move on to the next round. The winners’ list was announced, seeing Highway Secondary winning in the category of Modern dance while Jamuhuri High won the comedy category. Ngara Girl’s narrative presentation turned out tops while State House Girls’ choral verse also won a top spot; allowing them into the final round of the national competition.

The Drama Festival national competition is slated to take place in Bungoma County from 3rd to 13th April 2019.

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