Dear Ouru Kenyatta ‘We are ok with Dinosaurs like Joseph Boinnet but Don’t touch betting’

The young men and women in Kenya are no longer seeking for government jobs.

You will never see us drop any job application at the Statehouse, or even on Brightermonday. We have left those for our grandfathers, and we accept that you love them more.

We know it well that you are more attracted to dinosaurs like Joseph Boinnet and Moody Awory.Yes Moody Awory, the one you employed at 91.

Yes Mr President, we know we do not fit in your serikal. Because according to you a good employee must posses a weather-beaten face, corrugated nose and white hair.

But kindly do us one favour, just donā€™t touch betting.Donā€™t tax it.That is where we make our lives in this sadistic life.

Then sir, kindly lift our names from CRB.Even for two days only… because we are told a new one has emerged, its called Okash. We need more money please, this time round we shall try to pay back.Kindly note that this is urgentļ¼

We are very serious about this.

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