‘I did everything i could within my means and pockets,’ Bridget Achieng’ seeks help to bury her mum

Socialite star Bridget Achieng is calling upon well-wishers to help her give her mother a better send-off.

Achieng’s’ mother passed away last week and she revealed that she was sick and they thought she would be okay after treatment. Bridget said that they personally footed hospital bills for their mother who unfortunately succumbed to the disease she was suffering from.

Bridget Achieng

Things have not been easy for her and her family.

‘My mom really fought this sickness as hard as she could. We financed every hospital bill to our capacity. For all those asking why i didn’t put it out there, i knew she would get better and at times i saw hope and opted to do everything i could within my means and pocket. I was also carrying sekani and gave birth through cs but somehow i managed by god’ grace.

In short, i was caught up in so much and just kept it between me and my close friends and family, now am just asking for everyone that can help me give her an honorable send-off, i’ll be delighted because the death was sudden, i was not prepared.’

Her mother will be buried next weekend at her home in Siaya, Alego Karapul.

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