Rift Valley farmers to down their tools over poor milk prices

Milk farmers from the Rift Valley Region have threatened to down their tools if milk processors will not increase the milk price

David Bett, from Bomet County, said nonstop importation of milk from neighboring nations has harmed the dairy farmers.

Bett said regions who ought to be the best boondocks in supporting for the dairy ranchers by turning into claim controllers.

“We have to meet up as a solid backing bunch be guaranteeing that areas that produce milk likewise endeavor to manage. The milk will be handled inside regions and hotspot at market for better costs,” he said.

Bett noticed that there is a requirement for the foundation of a strategy that will address issues influencing dairy ranchers.

Their feelings come in wake of plans by an umbrella that advocates for Dairy ranchers to blacklist conveyance of crude milk to processors.

Talking yesterday on telephone, Kenya Dairy Farmers Federation (KDFF) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gideon Birgen said they will blacklist conveyance of their yields as a challenge to the proceeded with decrease of milk costs.

“We have a major issue in the dairy division. We are worked hard to guarantee that we produce quality milk, however we are looked with a heap of difficulties that is brought by processors,” said Birgen.

He said the market is overwhelmed by powdered milk from neighboring nations making it troublesome for ranchers to sell their crude milk and make benefit.

“Before the week’s over we are going to handicap the dairy area down. Our worries must be heard in light of the fact that the state has always ignored us,” he included.

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