Gorgeous and unmarried Sonia blasts Kenyan men for failure to propose to her

Sanjeev Sonia Birdi, Nairobi County executive nominee for Environment, caused laughter during her vetting on Monday when she told the panel that she is yet to be married as no man has ever proposed to her.

The United Republican Party (URP) nominated MP told the Nairobi County Assembly committee on Appointments that she will remain single for now.

“No man has ever proposed to me and that is why I am yet to be married,” said Ms Birdi.

But that was not all as she further revealed that she scored D+ in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) at Loreto Convent Msongari School.

“That D+ in my paper is not a failure but what I am bringing on the table. If I was not positive on the change I want to make I wouldn’t have applied for the position,” said the alumnus of Our Lady of Mercy Primary School in South B, Nairobi.

The Bachelor of Commerce from D.R. College in India degree holder further told the acting Speaker Chege Mwaura-led committee that she failed to submit her bachelor’s degree certificate as her house was broken into while she lived in the United Kingdom and she lost all her papers.

When asked by the committee if she knew where Dandora dumpsite was located, the source of Nairobi River, and its length, she refused to respond saying that some questions were offensive.

“I am sorry chair but I am not a student and I will not answer questions which are asked in an insulting way,” she said.

Mr Mwaura, however, faulted Ms Birdi for being hostile to the committee by refusing to answer simple structured questions pertaining to environment as well as being full of negative attitude.

Nevertheless, the Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom asked for forgiveness if she appeared to be hostile before the committee.

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