SONKO Is A Much Better Governor than KIDERO! Mutahi Ngunyi Declares…Is This Right??

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Highly controversial political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has praised
Nairobi governor H.E. Governor MIKE MBUVI SONKO with waters of accolades following the good job he has done to reclaim the lost glory of Nairobi City.

Speaking to journalists at the recently concluded Devolution conference in Kirinyaga County, Professor Mutahi said the five years that Kidero was in charge was a complete waste of time and resources because the man did nothing for the people of Nairobi.

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He said when governor Sonko came in, things changed because Sonko came to serve people of Nairobi. According to Professor Mutahi Ngunyi, Sonko has done extremely well even without a deputy.

Hate him or like him, governor SONKO is a man you cannot wish away. He does things his own way and that makes him unique. The man does not know how to pretend. If you are wrong, he tells you. If you are corrupt, he fires you without notice. The good thing about Sonko is that even if he acts in Gestapo style, he makes sure his integrity remains intact. You cannot compare Kidero and Sonko. Kidero failed this City completely. Sonko inherited an empty shell in the name of a city and he has transformed it

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He said that the Mt. Kenya cartel wanted to bring him down but he stood his ground and eventually the President intervened in his defence.

Mt. Kenya cartels wanted to run this city but realized that the governor they thought is a puppet is a man you cannot shake anyhow. After trying all dirty tricks in their books including blocking the Ndakaini water from reaching Nairobians, they failed. Eventually, it was end of the road for cartels when the President threw his support behind him. He simply won the heart of the President. You see, whether you like him or not, the man has performed better even without a deputy. It is only one year since he took over but Nairobi is far ahead of so many counties including Mombasa, Kisumu, and Uasin Gishu among others.

Professor asked Nairobians to give Governor Sonko time because there is still more than three years remaining.

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