Chelsea’s Jorginho Shares Childhood Experience that Influenced His Career

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Chelsea midfielder Jorginho has shared his childhood experiences that influenced his career.

Jorgino did this as he celebrated his mother on the International Women’s Day saying she is responsible for helping him grow his football career.

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Jorginho, Brazilian-born Italian star signed for Chelsea in the summer in a £57m deal that saw him join his former Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri in London. Maria Freitas, Jorginho’s mother was seen crying in a video that went viral in August after he saw his son’s name on Chelsea’s shirt.

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 “How could I not talk about her? It’s impossible not to mention my mum. She is, has been and will always be amazing – everything that she’s done for me and that she still does. We are very close. She was the one getting me to practise football. My father has helped in other ways but my mum was the one grabbing the ball and telling me: ‘Come on! Let’s practise now. Let’s go. Right, right, left, left.’ I would kick the ball up and she would be like: ‘No, control it like this.’ And so it went, many afternoons at the beach.” Jorginho told Football Focus.

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Life at Stamford Bridge has not been rosy for the midfielder after some poor performances that even saw his own fans booing him. He has been largely seen as a scapegoat for the poor results given that he is a trusted Sarri man.

“It hasn’t always been easy. There were difficult times in my career, in my story, and she has always been by my side. When I see her like this it gives me a lot of strength and energy. I think about everything that we’ve lived and how it was a dream for me to be here.” he added.

Chelsea will play Wolves on Sunday.

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