“You have 24 hrs,” Atwoli put on notice by former CS Echesa to fulfill 3 demands

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COTU Secretary General, Francis Atwoli has been given 24 hours by immediate former Sports CS, Rashid Echesa to fulfill three demands, else he will instigate legal proceeding against him.

Echesa, through his lawyer, Osundwa Sakwa, demanded that Atwoli issue an apology over a story published on The Star dated Wednesday, March 6, 2019, headlined; Echesa Sack Not Plot to Exclude Luhyas.  

In the document seen by Kenyans.co.ke, he further wants the apology to be made in the same prominence as the alleged article was published.

The article published that Rashid Echesa took offence in.

Echesa also demanded that the outspoken labour unionist should “cease and desist from issuing any further defamatory statements against him in interviews, funerals and/or in other public presentations”. 

The last condition that Atwoli is supposed to fulfill in order to avoid a legal war with the politician, is that he should admit liability for the defamation claims. 

An admission may open up room for discussion between Echesa and the COTU boss to reach a suitable quantum of damages. 

The remarks which the former CS has admitted have caused him immense public embarrassment and shame were attributed to Atwoli by the paper.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli speaking in public.

Some of the comments Echesa highlighted are;

“…Atwoli said that Echesa’s position was Western’s and asked who proposed his name, saying he had cost Luhya’s their slot…”

“…as Luhyas, we want the person who recommended the appointment of Echesa as CS to be investigated so we know what he was being rewarded for because it was not political…”

“…I cursed him and it has not taken even three months and he is already in trouble…”

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