Laikipia ‘stole a little girl’s drawing’ for its invented car

Laikipia County trolled for inventing this Ksh.450K 'tuk-tuk'

Laikipia County invented a car and KOT is mad about the invention, One Kenyan said that the county stole his daughters invention and now they will sue.

Then someone added a smokie sticker to It and damn, it looks like a smokie trolley doesn’t it?

In a video posted on their Facebook page on Wednesday, the Laikipia County Government displayed an invention they call the BJ-50; which is, basically, a four-wheel tuk-tuk.

According to an article dated July 5, 2018 on the Laikipia County Government website, the brains behind the four-wheeler received orders for at least 26 units from “influential personalities” since it’s manufacture.

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, speaking during a Trade Panel on Thursday, said the ‘tuk-tuk’ can carry at least seven people and, according to sources, goes for about Ksh.450, 000.

Despite being a notable innovation, images of the BJ-50 have now found their way to social media and Kenyans — as expected — are having a field day with it.

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