Relief as Ethiopia Prime Minister leads Kenya-Somali to commit to peace

The Kenya-Somali conflict has seen a face of relief as mediation between the two countries, led by Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has brought Kenya and Somalia to commit to resolving their differences amicably.

The Ethiopian Premier said the duo agreed to address issues that have led to the escalation of tensions between the two countries.

“Through the leadership of PM Abiy Ahmed, Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Mohammed Abdullahi met this morning to discuss extensively on the source of the two countries dispute. As an outcome both agreed to work towards peace and to take measures in addressing particular issues that escalated the tensions,” Ahmed’s office said.

A translated message issued by President Abdullahi’s office also said that the meeting discussed recent diplomatic tensions adding Somalia and Kenya had committed to strengthen their working relationship.

Kenya-Somalia relations soured mid last month after Mogadishu reportedly sold off Kenya’s oil and gas blocks at a London auction.

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