Parliament suspends the ongoing Ksh 188 billion dam projects

The member of parliaments have suspended the ongoing construction of 22 dams worth Ksh 188 billion.

The legislators alleged that the contractors have turned the projects into a cash cow where they demand kickbacks before embarking on work.

The committee, chaired by Kareke Mbiuki, also want the DCI and EACC to launch investigations into the projects being financed externally under the Engineering, Procurement Construction and Finance (EPCF) programme.

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kareke mbiuki (chair of thecommittee)

EPCF is a form of contracting arrangement where the contractor is made responsible for all the activities from design, procurement, construction, commissioning and hand over of the project.

“It is pointless to award mega-projects through EPCF, pay cowboy contractors in advance and the government fails to compensate landowners to pave the way for construction of the projects,” Mbiuki mentioned.

The suspended dam projects include Kamumu (Ksh6 billion), Rupingazi (Sh5.5 billion), Thambana (Ksh5 billion), Maara (Ksh4.1 billion), Thingithu (Ksh600 million), Kahurura (ksh5.9 billion), Kinja (Ksh3.9 billion) and Wiyumiririe (Ksh3 billion).

Others are Karemeno (Ksh8bn), Londiani (Ksh4.6bn), Bute (Ksh15bn), Bosto (Ksh19.9 billion), Maragua IV (Ksh7 billion), Keben/Lesos (Ksh4.2 billion), Isiolo (Ksh10 billion), Ndarugi II (Ksh33 billion), Mwache (Ksh15 billion), Kiandongoro (Ksh12 billion), Soin Koru (Ksh24 billion) and Kabasi (Ksh2 billion).

The Kimwarer and Itare dams have caused uproar after Ksh 21billion is alleged to have been taken by construction firms and have not yet started. It was also reported that another firm delivered towels for dam contsuction.

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