Prophet Awuor accused of brainwashing a rich lawyer

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The family of a lawyer turned bishop is worried about their sister Jane Njagi who they claim was brainwashed by Prophet Awuor of Kings Outreach Church.

Jane Njagi was practicing law in JM Njagi and advocates before joining the Awuor’s ministry.

Kings Outreach Ministries has been on the limelight for long and people accusing David Awuorfor brainwashing his followers citing from how staunch they are and defensive of the prophet.

A representative of the Kings Outreach Church under Owuor ministry’s, lawyer Kimani Watenga, told journalists that Njagi had become a bishop at the church and had retired from her law practice.

It is reported that Ms Njagi vacated her serviced apartment block located on Rahpta Road, Westlands and donated it to the church for Bible study.

Her family added that their sister was living with Lily Muthoni Macharia, a member of the church, who had appointed herself as the director of their kin’s property.

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Jane Njagi and members of repentance and holiness church

Muthoni, however, told journalists that she was concerned that Njagi had become forgetful and was only overseeing her finances to keep her from being exploited.

Njagi’s sister, Alice Macharia, expressed her family’s frustrations revealing that her sister had been heavily guarded that she was even kept away from news of her mother’s death.

Guards at the Riverside Drive home kept Njagi’s relatives away, claiming that she was asleep and could only be accessed through her personal assistant.

Her brother Duncan was allowed to give Njagi the news, but only after he showed up with their mother’s obituary that was published in the newspaper.

The Kings Outreach Church refuted the claims stating that it had no interest in the lawyer’s properties and would vacate if she so wished

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