DCI, IG sued for contempt for using suspects’ mugshots After Chesang’s Murder

A lobby group has filed contempt proceedings against the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti and Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett for allegedly defying a court order which suspended the use of mug shots of suspects on social media.

According to Bunge La Mwananchi group, both Kinoti and Boinett should be committed to civil jail for breach of court orders.

In a petition filed in court by the lobby group wants the court to hold the duo accountable for deliberate breach of court orders issued last year.

The group argues that DCI’s actions have no basis in law and insists that suspects are entitled to the right to privacy. The court directed that Kinoti and Boinett appear in court on 20th May for submissions.

The High Court on December 6 last year, barred Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and DCI boss George Kinoti’s office from posting mugshots of suspects on social media before they are arraigned.

The recent post is Monday when DCI posted pictures of Nyeri Senior Resident Magistrate Pauline Omung’ala Chesang being held in connection with the brutal murder of her husband Robert Chesang- a lawyer.

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