Ngunjiri “Mshenzi” new demands to Uhuru That is a threat to Kenya-Chinese pact

Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to regulate Chinese activities in the country and specifically Nakuru county.

Speaking to the media in Nakuru on Sunday, the lawmaker lamented that the Chinese have ‘invaded’ every sector in the country pushing Kenyans out of businesses.

He claimed that they have gone as far as connecting power in some remote parts of the country and are now even engaging in petty jobs supposed to be left for locals.

“This is becoming too much, the Chinese are now even connecting power in places like Njoro. What will the poor locals do?” he posed.

He added that some of them are even engaging illicit affairs with local women where they allegedly impregnate Kenyan women and then take off.

The parliamentarian called for Uhuru’s intervention, saying that leaving the foreigners to have their way in Kenya will be an insult to our sovereignty.

“Some are even taking and impregnating our women and since they all look alike, it becomes hard to trace them. Others are even assaulting the women and nothing is done. This raises the question on whether or not we are an independent country,” he said.

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