Mudavadi writes to President Kenyatta over malicious police deals

Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has warned president Kenyatta over alleged mischief by the police unit.

Mudavadi’s warning came after the former governor Issa Timamy was harrasssed by police together with the Lamu residents

According to Mudavadiin a statement, “We are asking President Kenyatta whether he is aware that this article [Article 245] is being invoked in Lamu under suspiciously arbitrary claims of ‘orders from above’ thus invoking the President’s name by a section of police commanders and the County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri against the interests of the people of Lamu and and putting the peace of the country at risk.”

In addition Mudavadi attributed the harrassment to cartels planning to grab land in Lamu.

“Without provocation and quoting ‘orders from above’ the police suddenly cordoned off Mpeketoni in an emergency like formation. They banned free movement and association of people.

“Timamy wasn’t spared the torture either; the house he had taken refuge in was broken into and teargas used to flush him out,” Mudavadi explained.

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