Hassan Joho challenges Ruto to come clean over corruption claims.

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Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has launched a scathing attack against Deputy President William Ruto over reports that Sh21 billion allocated to Arror and Kimwarer dams have been lost.N

Speaking on Sunday in Kisauni, the governor challenged Ruto to come clean over corruption claims. 

The governor, also ODM deputy leader, said that it is unfortunate that Ruto has the guts to speak when public resources are being looted. 

He noted that the alleged loss of public funds is too big to be ignored. He insisted that the officers behind the project should account for every single coin that was wired into their accounts for the same.

“We as politicians should be cautious with what we say in public. I am surprised that the Deputy President can tell Kenyans that the government has lost Sh7 billion. Do you know the meaning of Sh.7 billion my friend? In Kiswahili Sh7 billion is equivalent to 7,000 million,” he said in part.

Speaking at the Supreme Court during the release of the state of the Judiciary report, Ruto said that the government has not lost even a single coin allocated to the project. He asked leaders not to politicise the war against corruption.

“You have heard for example that the government has lost Sh21 billion in the Arror and Kimwarer dams which is a flat lie. The money on question is about Sh7billion and for every coin that has been paid, we have a bank guarantee,” he stated.

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