Ex-Chelsea midfielder terms Kepa’s actions on Sunday as scary

Ex-Chelsea midfielder remains shocked by Kepa's Sunday actions

Former Chelsea midfielder Gus Poyet has termed Kepa Arrizabalaga’s actions at Wembley as scary.

He as well admitted that he was shocked by Kepa’s actions Sunday.

The 24-year old goalkeeper refused to be subbed off during the Carabao Cup final match against Manchester City. Poyet, a former manager in England and France, says he was shocked by those actions. Kepa was benched in subsequent match against Tottenham Hotspur but was restored in the team that played against Fulham in the west London derby.

“I never thought that it would be possible, as a football player. I would never think of being on a footy pitch, and even if I didn’t want to come out, to have that kind of situation. That lack of respect from him to everyone, the manager, the players, Cabellero, was scary. My team-mate, who is coming in, that for me is the most difficult thing. You work together, you help each other, and when you get ready to go to your moment and you say no…I was shocked.” Poyet told Goal on Sunday.

Maurizio Sarri was also lauded by the retired footballer for taking actions against the ex-Athletico Bilbao custodian because a failure to punish him would have set a bad precedence.

“I think Maurizio Sarri did something very good which is not playing Kepa. If he was playing midweek, I would be devastated. What happens if in the next game someone says, ‘I’m not coming out’?” Poyet added.

Kepa was fined a week’s wages by the club for his show of disrespect then.

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