Why dictator Magufuli shut Tanzania newspaper🤔

Tanzania president John Pombe Magufuli has shut The Citizen newspaper

The Citizen was blamed for handing-off false data in an article about the performance of the Tanzanian shilling.

It detailed how the US dollar was moving at 2,415 Tanzanian shillings, contrasted with 2,300 at the national bank’s rate, as indicated by studies did in remote trade departments and banks.

The Statistics Act of 2017 bans any production of measurable data as opposed to the official figures, with conceivable prison terms for the individuals who do.

President John Magufuli is confronting developing analysis from the restriction just as from common society gatherings and global givers at what they state are crackdowns on human rights.

Media rights gathering, Reporters Without Borders, said that the suspension “delineates the nonstop decrease in the of opportunity of the media in Tanzania since President John Magufuli came to control.”

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