DCI Kinoti Should Begin his Disciplining with this officer from Nakuru

A rogue police officer attached to Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Nakuru is on the spot for robbing a businessman of his property worth Sh1.2 million. The officer is also accused of taking Sh500,000 and threatening to kill the man and his lawyer.The officer allegedly on January 30, 2019 broke into AA Mini Shop belonging to Robow Hussein Holo, 25, at Garissa shopping Centre and without any reason arrested him and carted away his property.It is while at the police station that Holo was informed that he was to be charged with the offence of stealing.

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“I received a thorough beating from the officer who further forced me to sign an inventory of goods he took from my shop, to my utter surprise he did not list the Sh500,000 cash he took,” said Holo.Among the items in the inventory dated January 30, 2019 done at 5PM include 57 suits, children’s clothing, shirts, T-Shirts, 100 pairs of shoes, 57 pairs of khaki trousers among others.

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The whereabouts of half of the goods he mentioned is yet to be known as the officer continues to hold the other. He adds that the officer is holding his identity card and keys to his business premise.Immediately after confiscating the goods, the officer allegedly procured the services of a quack complainant and instructed him to report the matter.The complainant in the case allegedly reported that he had his goods stolen and had been threatened by an officer using his gun inside court premise.

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