Crimes & corruption scandal of the day that have shocked Kenyans

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witches in Kenya have suffered a very ugly tragedy following war raised on them.On the other hand Hospital have been exposed over duping of the National Insurance Fund jeopardising health funds.

Its not Kenya if graft money is not exposed.The Kenya prisons is now under investigations in billions scam.


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Seven health facilities have been suspended and 80 others are under investigation for alleged fraud against the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

The national insurer has suspended the seven in the past year from offering services.

Majority of the fraud cases under investigation involve overstating of claims, manipulation of the documents of non-existing hospitals and pharmacies, or cover-up and non-disclosure of medical facts at the proposal stage.


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Six people, including five members of a family, have been killed in Nyang’ao village, Migori County.

The five, who included two women and three children, were burnt beyond recognition when irate villagers torched their houses on Thursday night. The villagers accused them of practising witchcraft.


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The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is investigating nine high-ranking individuals, among them, former and current principal secretaries at the Interior Ministry over new Ksh4.8 billion scandal at Kenya Prisons.

Among the nine are two former and sitting Principal Secretaries, a nominated female Senator and several public officers. 

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