What Caballero Told Kepa Will Surely Melt Your Heart

Caballero and Kepa warm up together. Image: PA Images

Willy Caballero was the man stuck in the middle of one of football’s most surprising scenes at the Carabao Cup final, now he’s revealed what he said to fellow goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga after the Spaniard was dropped.

There’s a good chance that we’ll forever be talking about the moment that Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and Maurizio Sarri had a touchline spat in front of the world at the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City.

Seeing a player refuse to come off the pitch as a substitution was incredible, the fact it was in a final and Sarri’s position at Chelsea is in question just added to the drame.

Whilst Kepa and Sarri were left to explain what was going on the man stuck in the middle of it all was Willy Caballero as Chelsea’s number two expected to be getting on just to be told to sit down again.

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Having been at City and won a penalty shoot out with the Premier League champions at a past final he must have been excited to get on.

Fortunately the Argentina keeper was between the sticks on Wednesday night, as Chelsea beat Spurs. After the same he spoke to reporters and revealed what he’d said to Kepa, saying:

“When the boss confirmed the team I was surprised. I felt blessed to have the chance to play.

“I said to Kepa: ‘Keep going. I know it is a tough decision but you must keep going’. He said the same to me. We support each other.

“It had been a strange situation. We had to get through it. I had to live with it, we had to live with it.

“But everybody involved learned something. It brought something good to the atmosphere of the team. That’s the good news, that we went through this.”

On Sunday the issue between the manager and the world’s most expensive goalkeeper had been put down to a ‘misunderstanding’ but that was clearly not the case with the former Athletic Bilbao goalie being dropped.

Sarri explained why after the match saying, “I think it was the right decision. Kepa made a big mistake, he paid with the club and then he had to pay with the team.”

Caballero had a good game as Chelsea went on to win 2-0 and keep a clean sheet, now Kepa might have a bit of an issue trying to get the gloves back.

Should Caballero keep the number one spot?

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