Ruto snubs Parliament ruling on JKIA sell out, calls it premature and toxic

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday termed parliament’s decision to turn down Kenya Airways’ acquisition of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as an irresponsible, toxic decision.

“It will be irresponsible of us as a Government to allow Kenya Airways to go down because if it does, it will go down with the Airports Authority because 70 percent of the revenue it collects comes from Kenya Airways,” said the Deputy President during the launch of the State of the Judiciary report.

He said it is premature to shoot down the proposal, terming the house parliamentary committee hearing as ‘toxic’ for claiming the Government wants to sell state assets.

DP Ruto therefore asked the legislators to give the executive space to structure the final partnership, from where the MPs will be invited for their input.

“The cabinet has just approved a transaction to be put together so that we can find a befitting mechanism that will ensure Kenya Airways survives and ensure that these national assets can be optimally be used,” added Ruto.

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