Ruto Reveals How Paul Muite Taught Him to Criticize the Judiciary

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The Kenyan Judiciary has lately come under intense criticisms with various Kenyans feeling that it is not doing enough to help fight various crimes and especially corruption where it has been termed as a big let-down.

The Criticisms on the Judicairy have time and again angered the Chief Justice who has said they have been exaggerated and only aimed at tainting the image of the Judiciary and it’s officers.

DP William Ruto however see’s nothing wrong with criticism of the Judiciary.

Ruto said in 1988, he met an old member of the Judiciary, Paul Muite who talked about criticising the government.

“At 31 years, I was robust in defending the government. He called me and told me supporting the government was not bad but noted that you also have to criticise it,” he said.

“So when you hear us criticising the judiciary, it is because we support the Judiciary…sometimes when they do what you don’t agree with and that is when we make certain comments.”

In 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta said they will deal with the Judiciary and “revisit” their case after the Supreme Court nullified his August presidential election victory.

The President asked the Judiciary to practice fairness stating that the independent arm of the government has not been fair.

“I’ve always said we have a problem with our Judiciary. We shall respect the ruling but we will revisit this agenda because we have to respect the will of the people,” he said.

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