Heartwarming Message From Meghan To Moroccoan Chef

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While on the Morroco Trip, Prince Harry and Meghan attended a cooking demonstration. The demonstration was for underprivileged children in the area who are given the chance to learn necessary cooking skills and traditional recipes of Morocco from some of the country’s most impressive chefs.

Undeniable, Meghan, and Harry were so excited to sample some recipes during the session, which resulted in both of them bursting into laughter.

Meghan and Harry enjoyed eating pancake prepared by a Moroccan chef Chef Moha who made traditional pancakes from a cookbook recipe for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Meghan and Harry share light moments as Harry takes a big bite of the pancake. Meghan’s reaction to Harry’s bite was such adorable.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Morocco

Meghan, of course, helped to release the cook book as part of her first solo endeavor as a member of the royal family. Working with women based at the Hubb Community Kitchen, Meghan gave a voice to a community affected by the devastating  Grenelle tower fire in London.

Meghan also took a bite of the pancake after Harry, and clearly enjoyed the snack:

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Visit Morocco

Meghan gave Chef Moha a signed copy of her cookbook, and he replied saying that “he would like to cook for them next time they visit Morocco,” Meghan agreed, “gestured to her baby bump and replied ‘the whole family next time,'” and I’m not crying—you’re crying.

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