‘Jalang’o is the biggest let down’ Bien’s diss letter to Jalang’o

During the ‘Play Kenya Music’ debate online, comedian Jalangó said that Savara and Bien from Sauti Sol are a big let down to the music industry. Sauti Sol has come out to respond to his claims.

During an interview, Bien has said; ”Jalang’o is the biggest letdown but that’s a story for another day. I’m a let down if I see a brother putting down another brother. He is my guy and he knows the plans that have been underway.  I would expect him to have called me first instead of politicizing the whole thing. I got really pissed and actually went off on him on that.

I’m going to his station on Friday. I have to see what he has to say about the whole situation. But It was bound to happen. We were making plans for over a year. Delvin  Savara was in Stanford doing for a programme, we have a business coach now.

Polycarp is doing a copyright course at Havard. Just all these things. I launched Kenya Writers Association, those are the things he didn’t know we were doing in the background so that we can have a better dispensation for our artistes.

To my brother Jalang’o what I would say is meza dawa yako. And if I go wrong, don’t fix your brother’s collar in public.”

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