Here is everything you need to know about the controversial two third Gender Rule

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The National Assembly is Wednesday afternoon set to vote on the two thirds gender bill that seeks to have Parliament conform to the two thirds gender rule.

The bill which is provided for in article 81(b) of the constitution, was deferred last year after majority leader Aden Duale argued that there was no quorum in the house to proceed with the vote.

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The Constitution amendment bill proposes to amend articles 97 and 98 of the constitution to ensure that both houses of Parliament comply with the two thirds gender rule.

233 MPS will be required to approve the bill for it to proceed to the committee of the whole house for amendments.

It will be the fourth attempt by the National Assembly after majority leader Adan Duale deferred to allow for more consultations.

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Legislators had raised concerns that the bill does not provide for a formula for the nomination of MPs to Parliament.

However, a lack of quorum will however mean that the bill will flop and can only be reintroduced in the house after six months.

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