Handover of Uhuru’s rejected gift to another deserving family

Overgrown weeds on the compound of home gifted

They say one man’s meat is another man’s poison and a apparently in a rejection scenario, one man’s unworthy has always turned out to be another man’s gold.

After making the president laugh so hard in 2014 at 3KR barracks in Lanet through a poem, Dennis Ngaruiya touched Uhuru Kenyatta enough to purchase a house for the form four student and his family.

However shockingly the Nakuru family rejected the president’s gift terming it ‘substandard’.

“We are set to hand over the house to another family after the family which had been gifted turned down the offer terming it as substandard. Plans to have the new family move in are already underway,” said Kisilu.

Nakuru North Deputy County Commissioner Mutua Kisilu said that a needy family had already been identified to take over the house located in Murunyu area, Bahati Constituency.

All the rooms in the house which is next to the home of a statehouse officer have already been furnished with modern furniture.

According to the residents, the land on which the house is standing is valued at Sh700,000 and the house constructed on it raises it to over Sh 2 million.

Since then, Wambui and her son have continued to live in a single room mud-walled house with her son for which she pays Sh 1,200 rent every month. She survives by doing laundry, knitting sweaters and farm jobs in the neighbourhood.

Wambui had intended to be handed over the money and identify a house or land of her choice. “They should have given me the money I look for land of my choice,” she said when probed further.

Do you agree with the idea that the house be given to another needy appreciative family?

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