NTSA urged to suspend implementation of new curriculum

The Kenya Driving School Association is appealing to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to adhere to last year’s court ruling that suspended the proposed curriculum for training and testing of drivers.

The Association Nyanza branch chairman Nicholas Otieno accused NTSA of slowing their operations by disobeying the order.

Otieno who was elected the new chairman for the branch says his task will be to ensure that driving schools are not harassed by government agencies.

Speaking to the press after his election in Kisumu, Otieno wondered why NTAS has not been able to register and process driving licenses of their students on the e-platform since 2017.

The outgoing chairman Sam Nyakado told the new office not to relent in pursuit of justice for the driving schools.

Nyakado says the challenges affecting their industry will only be addressed if they remain united.

He told NTSA to devolve some of the functions at the county level to spare them the agony of travelling to Nairobi. 

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