Radio Queen Adelle Onyango shares memories of her late mum

Radio Queen and Phenomenal woman Adelle Onyango has shared the memories of her late mother.

Adelle shared photos from a 1 year old shoot of her lipstick which was named after and made in honour of her late mum.

She also broke it down explaining that the concept of each photo was borrowed or somehow linked to the things that her late mother used to like.

Adelle says that her mother was a tea, scarfs, rollers and flower lover.

1. That’s my late mum’s scarf. She loved scarves!⁣⁣
2. Her love for flowers/plants! Our family home is still full of her plants!⁣⁣
3. I used to go to the salon with her and she’d always have these huge rollers on that fascinated me!⁣⁣
4. She was an expert in head wraps! She’d help people tie theirs during functions!⁣⁣
5. She would have tea ALLLLLL THE TIME!!!⁣⁣

This is not the first time that the beauty has opened up about her mother.

A couple weeks ago, Adelle mentioned that she was introduced to Suzanna Owiyo’s music by her late mum and she would listen to her songs on repeat mode.

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