Betty Kyalo talks out the pain of a break up

Marriage break up is not a laughing matter. It do affect the parties involved and the children who will no longer live with the both parents. Its traumatizing situation which causes a heart injury that has no cure.

Betty Kyalo has decided to open up and talk what her experience was after breaking up with Dennis Okari six months after their great wedding. Its just past few days since Okari moved on and walked down the isle with yet another lady, Naomi Joy.

Betty says that the break up was so tough that she its not even a topic she like talking about. ”The break-up was one of the most devastating things in my life ever. It was hard. Tough. Really rough. I thought of myself, it is only days since millions of people witnessed our union and now this is happening.

Besides the pain inside me, and the thought of our baby, I could see the world looking at me for answers to questions, answers I probably didn’t have. It was so much pressure and now I can tell you would I have known this would happen, I would have kept my private issues, the wedding included, to myself.”

Many speculations were made towards their break up but the main rumor said that it was caused by infidelity and many irreconcilliable differences. Betty’s sister, Mercy shared a message during the most trying moment for her sister; ”Over the last couple of months my sister Betty has gone through her share of struggle, tears and sadness. A lot is being said and there is a lot of speculation. Fact is that there were deep family issues that divided us. Betty, our family is supporting you 100% and our prayer is that you find true happiness and fulfilment.

Isn’t this life as we know it? just when you think you’ve got the map, you meet a stop sign which redirects, reorganises and challenges you afresh. It’s upto you to keep strong and recharge! We love and care for you honey so do and be the best you can be.”

Betty has said that lack of communication was the main cause of their break up and that there is a lot of untold truths behind the break up.

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