ADORABLE! See the heartfelt messages Nick Mutuma and Bridget Shighadi dedicated to their daughter

Nick Mutuma
The couple watching Dua

Kenya’s hunk of an actor Nick Mutuma and Celebrity fashion icon Bridget Shighadi were blessed with a beautiful daughter called Dua last year. They have now celebrated their lovely daughter’s birthday with a wonderful baby bash.

Bridget Shighadi
Bridget Shighadi and Dua

They shared the beautiful photos on their individual Instagram pages.

The two dated for a long time and were very secretive about whether the kid was Nick’s when it emerged that Bridget was to have a child. The reason was that there had been rumours that they might have split  prior to news of the pregnancy.

Nick Mutuma
The actor with Dua

It was only after the birth that we found out conclusively that he was the father. Nick had relocated to Los Angeles in 2017 when he got a scholarship to study acting at UCLA. Bridget herself had gone to Florida to be near her family.

Bridget Shighadi
Bridget holding her new-born, Dua

How the two reconnected is still a story only they know but one thing is certain, it was worth it.

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