Why Wasafi Crew are giving Lilian Muli goosebumps

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Lilian Muli has opened up on why she loves Tanzanian music in an interview with Malkia Africa Production adding that  Tanzanians are romantic. In the candid talk dubbed ‘The Other Side of Me’ Lilian admits that listening to Tanzanian music gives her goosebumps. “I love bongo because I love LOVE so I love their love stories and my favorite artiste is Diamond but basically all Wasafi artistes they give me goosebumps because they sing from the heart. There is something about Tanzanians they are very romantic and this is evident in their music.”

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Lilian’s admission of her undying love for Tanzanian music comes at a time when Kenyan musicians have been campaigning for media house to promote their music through #PlayKenyanMusic.

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