Pesh is in a Sorry not Sorry State.

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Peris Wanjiku, who goes by the name Pesh Kenya on social media, is among the first youthful female Akorino to embrace modeling, and confidently share on social media pictures of her sporting different outfits. According to a section of online users, Ms Wanjiku’s faith “doesn’t allow” her to expose her body to the extent portrayed in the image she published on social media.
Being a lady of thin shock-absorbers, the 21-year-old found herself sending out an apology over the “inappropriate” photograph, saying she did not think it would offend some people. “I would like to apologise to anyone who might have been offended by any images posted on my social media pages. I believe that people can express themselves in very many ways and still have their morals intact,” said Ms Wanjiku in a Twitter post .

Akorino model Pesh Kenya swimming in Naivasha. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

The model, however, now says she regrets issuing a public apology because it opened her up to harsher criticism. “I regret sending out that apology because I hadn’t done anything morally or legally wrong,” Ms Wanjiku went on saying. According to the model, her apology was prompted by what a section of her church members thought of her pictures. “It is not wrong [for Akorino faithful] to go swimming. It is also not against the Akorino practice to wear a swimsuit.

There are a section of Akorino followers, who did not find offense in what I did. [If anything], there was nothing indecent about the picture; my morals remain intact,” she said.

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