Gunshots Rock Baringo County, Leaves 5 People Dead

Gunshots that rocked Baringo county in the night of Wednesday left 5 police reservists dead, it’s suspected that the attack was done by the Pokot bandits who have been terrorizing people in the area.

County AP commandant Robinson Ndiwa, confirmed the incident stating that the attackers whisked away with an unknown number oflive stock at Kapindasum area.

The incident comes days after three people were killed when bandits attacked their rivals in Kainuk along the border of Turkana and West Pokot counties.

In response, Inspector General Joseph Boinnet had earlier ordered the Regional Police Commander Edward Mwamburi to use all available Police resources to stop the violence and restore order to allow members of the public to lead normal lives following an incident that left 3 people killed in an attack in Kainuk along the border of Turkana and west Pokot counties.

Tension remains high along the border as political leaders from either side point fingers at each other. MPs from Turkana accuse West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo while those from West Pokot blame Turkana South MP James Lomenen for incitement. On Sunday, Lonyangapuo further blamed the authorities for failing to quell the tensions in the area.

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