I Did it Because I Was Desperate, Murage Says

Boniface Murage stated clearly that he was not able to settle a hospital bill of sh 56,000, that was the reason he decided to sneak her daughter out of the hospital.

He desperately stuffed his daughter in a bag with the hope that he would successfully escape the bill without being found.

Murage took that desperate measure thinking that if he did not do that, his wife and daughter could remain in the hospital forever, owing to the fact that he has no good job that could afford him the bill.

His wife and child had accrued the bill after the baby was rushed to the facility with a fever and they were admitted for three weeks.

His creativity went as far as keeping the baby in a bag and adding some clothes on top of her so that people would not sense anything- a plan that even took the security guards some time to realize what he was carrying.

“Waliniambia tu waangalie nini iko ndani ya bag, nikamwambia sawa, akafungua alafu akauliza nini iko huko chini? Kuangalia akapata ni mtoto. They told me they wanted to check what is inside and I told them its okay, when he opened, he asked what are you carrying under the clothes? Upon checking he found a baby,” said Murage.

Though it was a dangerous undertaking, Murage says that he placed the clothes in a manner that could give the child time to breath.

On Tuesday, the court handed him a 3-month suspended sentence, meaning he will be under state watch and he’s expected not to commit any offense.

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