Uhuru reveals ksh 33 b programme to restore dignity of the vulnerable

Presidet Uhuru Kenyatta today revealed that the government will soon roll out a ksh 33 billion social inclusion programme aimed at boosting ongoing efforts to transform the social economic well being of Kenyans and restore the dignity of the vulnerable in society.

The Kenya Social and Economic Inclusion Programme aims to streamline our delivery systems so that every Kenyan who needs help can get it.The National Drought Management Authority and the Council of Governors will all be involved in its administration.

A sample consisting of 968 households from Thika District and Starehe and Kibera Districts in Nairobi was interviewed between October and December 2011 and the results showed that the main shocks affecting households were: economic shocks – high prices for goods and inputs, low prices of farm produce, unemployment, and business failures; life cycle shocks – death of family member or household head or cash earner; and natural shocks – drought.

The results further suggested that social protection in the form of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Cash Transfer and the Old Persons’ Cash Transfer programmes reduced the probability of experiencing natural and economic shocks by the households.

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