Mudavadi’s advice to Kenyans following the Kenya-Somalia border row

Amid a simmering border row with Kenya, that has seen the expulsion of ambassador Mohamoud Ahmed Nur alias Tarzan from the country, Somalia has issued a statement denying the allegations raised against it, but is this the way to go?

Somalia’s response was to Kenya’s note verbale on February 8 on maritime zones presented at the Somalia Oil and Gas Conference on February 7, in London, the United Kingdom.

Regarding allegations that it auctioned oil and gas blocks in Kenya’s maritime territorial area that borders it, the Somalia ministry said it was not doing so and that it did not have any such plans.

However, the Amani National Congress Party (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi believes this is not a matter to be taken lightly. According to him, the matter should be tackled carefully and urgently. He has further urged Kenyans not to be bipartisan. He has rather urged them to stand with the government to protect the integrity of Kenyan boundaries.


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