In Depth Analysis: Kenya will lose terribly if we go to war with Somalia

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If we were to go to war with Somalia, would Kenya win?
Before you answer this question, ask yourself why we are not even close to win the war against Al Shabaab.

How can a whole country with trained soldiers fail to contain a group of terrorists?

There’s someone behind Al Shabaab. Someone who is benefiting from the chaos in Somalia.

The Kenyan government send troops to Somalia in 2011 to fight a war we knew nothing about. From where I stand, we have benefited nothing from our soldiers being in Somalia.

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The same country we thought we were defending now wants our land. In fact they already have it. And mark my words, we are not going to get that land back.

The problem with us is that we believe that we are more intelligent than any other African country. But we are just a greedy lot who don’t see things until they happen.

If we were to go to war with Somalia, then there will only be one loser, us. The same people who are sponsoring Al Shabaab will finance the Somali army, which is still Al Shabaab.

But our politicians don’t know this

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