How Kenyan Musician Ayub Ogada died hour after predicting his own death

Legendary Kenyan musician, Ayub Ogada predicted his own death just hours before it happened, new information reveals.

According to his wife,Yvonne, and mother, Ruth Seda, the musician was seemingly aware that he was going to die and would often freely talk about it without fear.

Yvonne further revealed, during his funeral in Nyahera, Kisumu county on February 16, that, on the fateful day, Ogada told her that if he went to sleep, he would not wake up.

“He woke up in a jovial mood walked within the house, I told him I was going to cook some goat meat for him, But he told me not to touch the meat because it was for his friends who would come and celebrate his life,” revealed the widow who delivered her eulogy while sitting.

She further told the congregation that the famed musician was the best thing that had happened to her.

Ogada’s family and friends eulogised him as a loving, caring person who stood for the truth and always supported the family whatever it took.

Jack Nyadundo, a self-proclaimed Ohangla king and Paul Kelemba “Maddo” of Maddworld, were among the numerous mourners who flocked the burial ceremony to pay their last respects.

The musician was found dead on the family’s couch on February 1, 2019, while watching TV and his body was taken to Star Mortuary in Kisumu.


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