Shots fired! Zari warns Tanasha on Diamond’s cheating spree

Valentine’s day 2019 must have been a boring day for Diamond’s ex-wife, Zari Hassan.

Zari parted ways with Diamond last year on Valentines day for reasons of infidelity in their marriage. The mother of two of Diamond’s children, Tiffa and Nilan, said that she could not take it anymore and call it quits.

After a ‘dry’ season of being single, Diamond found love in the city of cool waters, Nairobi. The beautiful Tanasha Dona is now dating Diamond and this is heartbreaking to Uganda’s businesswoman, Zari.

Diamond Platinumz seems to be serious with Tanasha as they were set to marry on Valentine’s day. Tanasha postponed it for she wanted her family to be part of the lifetime experience and scheduled it to be September when her parents will be home.

The surprise she got from Diamond when she was working on radio gave a jealous ‘spark’ to Zari. She posted on her insta stories a short and sad caption;

“Idk who needs to hear this but unless he wears a diaper, you can’t change him”, she posted it. Though the message was vague, it is believed she was pointing Tanasha that having Diamond won’t change a thing he will still cheat on her.

The two lovebirds, however, give a deaf ear to haters.

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