Details of criminal spiderman terrorizing residents of Kileleshwa & Kilimani

A unique burglar has been giving residents of Kilimani and Kileleshwa sleepless nights while only armed with a bag and awesome skills of manouverig froom the apartment floors.

Those who have fallen victims have nicknamed him ‘Spider-Man’.

He comes when everyone is asleep,” a Kilimani resident, whose apartment has fallen victim said on grounds of anonymity.

There is existing CCTV footage, showing a man on white sports shoes, a blue trouser and a grey t-shirt, confidently tiptoeing from one house to another.

He is also seen climbing the pillars effortlessly, floor after a floor, and even strolling for five minutes before he gets inside.

At one point, he is seen looking over the road as if enjoying the night breeze. He steps on the guardrail, holds firmly on a pillar and climbs up.

ens of incidents have been reported at Kilimani Police Division and other stations that fall under it.

In the February 10 incident, a victim had accused her house help of stealing the safe and even took her to Kileleshwa Police Station.

“She kept on insisting she was innocent even while at the police station. We decided to retrieve the CCTV footage only to see this man climbs floor after a floor like Spider-Man,” an official managing the apartment told Capital FM News.

She did not want her name to be mentioned or the name of the apartments.

“We have had several incidents,” she said.

In all the incidents, the burglar pounces from midnight and can spend one hour to two in one apartment.

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