PHOTOS: See how Prophet Awuor brought Nairobi to a stand still

The powerful man of God, Dr. David Awuor moved masses in Central park mega crusade.

The controversial self-proclaimed prophet on 10th February 2019 shared the knowledge of God and preparedness for his second coming.

The prophet a few weeks ago mentioned how he is set to die in Jerusalem and go and anoint the throne in which Jesus Christ sits on. Whether it was a real dream or not, he remains to be a favorite of many.

The congregants over the weekend, gathered in big numbers in Central Park Nairobi to witness the message from the man of God.

“You are in exile, you are pilgrims, and do you know that the Earth is not your home? Are you aware that you have no inheritance here? However sweet it might be here, it is coming to a time when the people must prepare to be headed home,” the prophet passe the powerful message.

The message got to many and from Twitter, it shows how lovely it was to get the teachings of God.

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