“Sing Kenyan Music,” Jalang’o bashes Akothee

The celebrated Kenyan comedian-cum-radio presenter, Jalango, shares his sentiments on play Kenyan music in black and white.

The radio host who was vocal in the play KE music campaign received criticism for the wrong move he made. Khaligraph Jones spearheaded the whole campaign and was joined by fellow artists, presenters, deejays and other media stakeholders.

Jalango pointed out that artists should have juicy and rich content in their songs to get airplay. This didn’t go as expected and was bashed for only playing Tanzanian music. His song of ‘katumbo dance’ which he did long ago was termed as zero content song yet it was played. That is what karma does, justice.

‘Katumbo dance’ by DNG featuring Jalas;

The campaign seems to have seen the light of the day as there is a heavy rotation of Kenyan jams on every radio and television and even the street anthems getting airplay in the mainstream media.

However, much has been said about Kenyan music, Jalango urges Akothee to stop singing Nigerian Music and embrace Kenyan tune in order to get airplay.

“Akothee, as a brother I think I’ll advise that this is the direction you should give your music…wachana na Nigeria mingi! I love this direction! Abebo is fire! Have you guys listened to this new one? Ubaya dadayangu kichwa ngumu kama saitan! People pls go listen to Abebo by Akothee then be the judge!” he shared.


This was also supported by colleague comedian YY, after he pointed out that artists should stick to Kenyan sound and to stop confusing the fans. He sent message home though in a comic way;


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The Word Is KENYAN MUSIC.You know Even Jamaicans Can’t understand the language you are speakin?g??????????????????

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