PHOTOS: Bobi Wine’s new merchandise is a shock to Bebe Cool

Bobi Wine celebrates his birthday with new designer clothes on board.

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly known by the stage name Bobi Wine, is currently the member of parliament of Kyandondo East. His political realm, came forthwith the motto. ‘people power’ and has since been his political trademark.

The politician-cum-artist and other lawmakers were arrested on August 13, 2018, on suspicion of involvement in the stoning of a presidential convoy during a parliamentary by-election campaign. Bobi was then charged on August 16 same year with unlawful possession of weapons and ammunition while three other lawmakers and dozens of other people also detained in relation to the stoning incident were charged with treason.

Bobi, however, came out strong and he has launched his merchandise of spanking new designer clothes of his trademark; ‘people power’.

The red berets that he used in his campaigns gained popularity and his supporters would put on every time they were on a protest or rally.

Bebe Cool after winning Afrima

This is a shock to his music rival, Bebe Cool who also initiated the same analogy of printed caps of ‘Silent Majority’ for his royals although many termed it fake publicist and has no value to Ugandans.

Bebe Cool’s ‘silent majority’ caps

These are some of the new designer clothes imported by the law-maker;

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