I was once married to a church elder: Akothee

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Before controversial singer Akothee ventured into tiny, revealing clothes and provocative music she was a staunch christian. The mother of five during an interview said she was once married to a church leader way before fame became her second name.

During an interview with Baraka FM, the Abebo hitmaker said her split from her religious husband was the genesis of her secular music career. After Akothee and her husband divorced, the church ostracised the musician and blamed her for breaking up her marriage.

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“They denied me when my husband who was a staunch Christian told them I was a bad woman. They believed him and did not want to associate with me,” she said.

Once Akothee realised people branded her as the bad girl she decided to act according to her new reputation by joining the secular world.

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As a form of protest, a devastated Akothee joined the world of fame and abandoned her religious ways. However, the single mother of five hopes one day she will take a turn for the better and plunge into the world of gospel music.

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