Iko Kazi Kenya?

Hope and Determination

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Kenyan youth are unrivalled in determination and hope. Day in day out, they flood the ever increasing job sites with high expectations of fulfilling their dreams of having meaningful jobs with great remuneration packages after spending four or more years in university.Unfortunately, they soon come to a realization that this is just a dream. A dream they have been having for over twenty or so years. When this realization sets in, the excitement and determination they once held turns into disappointment and desperation.
Employers set unrealistic requirements to deter the youth from applying. More often than not, we’ve come across job opportunities that require a 8, 10 or 15 years of experience. Many youth believe this is a ploy to lock them out.
The unemployment rate in Kenya is alarming. It is leads its East African counterparts. In a report published by The United Nations Development program (UNDP) states that close to 40 % of the Kenyan population of the working age are unemployed.

Job Readiness

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Graduates do not have the experience. Many of them do not wish to start as volunteers or unpaid interns. They need to sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge base. Having an undergrad certificate doesn’t cut it.
In twitter, unemployed Kenyan youth have started a community #IkoKaziKe to share their resumes in hope to be seen by their potential employer.

Here are some of the tweets:


While most of the people in this platform are searching, some have reason to smile after employers picked their resumes from the platform and offered them jobs:

What Next?

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It is high time for youths to realize that having a certificate is not enough. Employers are starting to pay attention to soft skills like your ability to interact with other people, leadership, your flexibility and even initiative. One shouldn’t be choosy just because they possess a certificate.

Massive unemployment, especially among the innovative and determined youth has a negative impact on the Kenyan economy. Unemployment forces the youth to rely on their siblings and parents who are working and as such stretches their resources and even eats into their savings.

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