30 and Single after bathing her ex? Important lessons Kenyan women can learn from Lisa Gaitho’s Confessions

Kenyan women can be described using many words but gullible is not one of them.

When the name Lisa Gaitho trends on twitter, you know there’s tea to be spilled.  Not much about Lisa’s personal life is known by the public but one thing’s for sure, controversy follows her everywhere.

From her controversial video advising women to bathe, oil and dress their men in order to keep them, Lisa is not one to shy away from preaching her truth amidst dissapproval and mockery and her latest video proves just that.


In her latest video, she reveals to viewers all about her sexual experience and love life leaving nothing to the imagiation.

From losing her virginity at 14, becoming a freemason and Muslim for a man, her revalation about getting an abortion at 18 to being diagnosed as barren due to an STI, the controversial blogger bares it all for the world.

While the internet has gone ballistic over her confessions, bashing her with quotes like “mtaachana tu”,there are important lessons to be learnt from her ordeal.

1. Women are their own worst enemies.

From all the mockery served, women have been very vocal in contributing their joy at her downfall. Is it out of jealousy perhaps? We’ll never know. It’s no easy task for Lisa to come out so candidly and speak about her vulnerability on plights women all over the world endure. One would imagine more women would support and encourage her more.



2. There’s no way to keep a man, he must simply want to be kept.


Lisa goes on and on about all the relationships she has previously been in and how most of them ended because the men cheated.

The bittesweet reality of it is she neve gave up on love and kept giving her 110% to all the men she dated, bathing them not being an exception to the list.

Despite all this, Lisa reveals that she indeed is single and living in her parent’s house at 30 years old. It does beg the question, what do men really want in a woman. One thing’s for certain though, you could cook, clean, feed, bathe, serve and treat you man like a king but none of it is a sure way to keep a man.

Neither could any amount of monkey flips during sex keep a man. It is universally accepted that a man will only stay loyal if he wants to. It has more to do about their character than what you do for him. Lisa learnt that the hard way and KOT are having a field day mocking her.

3. All that glitters is not gold

This is an important lesson for women of all ages. Social media has a way of pressuring people to look a certain way and live a lifestyle they cannot afford. KOT previously bashed Lisa for misleading Kenyan women and urging them to be submissive and use their ‘goodies’ to get what they want.  Now single, barren and back to living with her parents at 30years old, we can conclude that there is nothing to be sought in a meanigless life filled with luxury but no inner peace. Hustle for your own money and invest in your academics. Women should aspire to get a seat at the table on their own merit. Don’t lose yourself to gain the world.


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